Why CEOs Need to Make Mobile Web a Priority

Edwin Lap

posted by Edwin Lap 1620 days ago.

For the past couple of years, we have been making the point to CEOs and other business leaders that mobile computing is a huge trend that’s only beginning to show its true strength. We have pointed out that experts predict mobile web usage will overtake “fixed” Internet access from laptops and desktops by 2014, and the latest numbers show that mobile access is growing at 69% per year.

That means that mobile web marketing is no longer a matter of technology – it’s something that every organization needs to make into a priority right now.

That’s because the longer you wait, the more ground you’re going to be losing to your competitors. Even worse, you won’t be losing just any of your customers, but the most affluent, informed, and influential of them, since executives are amongst the biggest group of mobile web users around.

So, how do you make mobile computing a priority, and a source of revenue for your organization? Here are some good first steps to take:

  1. Invest in a mobile business website. The mobile business website should be similar to the one you have now, but with images, text, and a navigation structure that are easier to access on smaller screens. In addition, it should feature a layout and programming that are touch screen-friendly, and compatible with all major smart phone and tablet platforms. Considering how affordable they are to implement, mobile business websites combine big profitability with budgetary efficiency.
  2. 2. Consider mobile e-commerce features. If you’re going to go through the trouble of launching a mobile business website, why not add e-commerce features and monetize it from the start? Mobile e-commerce is a growing trend (see some of the other pieces on our blog), and smart online retailers are taking advantage by offering their products in every available medium.
  3. Integrate local search, social media, and apps into your marketing mix. Mobile business websites thrive on local search traffic, social media links, and the revenue that can be generated from custom developed apps. Like any website, your mobile web presence is going to pay you back in proportion to the amount of time and resources you invest in it. Make the most of your opportunity.

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