Mobile First? Perhaps Wearables First and Beyond.

Edwin Lap

posted by Edwin Lap 1587 days ago.

While we have been talking about a mobile revolution for the past 4 years, we should now realize that we are in it. Mobile is in full effect and while many agencies are either not embracing a Mobile First Strategy, the second revolution is upon us – The Wearables Revolution has arrived.

When Jerry and I attended Mobile Beat people were discussing Apps, Mobile web vs Native Apps, but the real buzz was the wearables. It is critical that agencies and companies start to think how they can leverage the wearable technology with their brands. Perhaps it is the fact that it is too new, but mark my words, wearables are closer than you think.

One of my favorite speakers, thinkers and strategists is Mary Meeker and a recent presentation:

Some of the highlights:

Mobile is moving at lightning speed. This is the time to embrace mobile , to include it in your campaigns, to make it a priority. Think Mobile now not later.

People wearing Google Glass have been been labeled, Glassholes? Why, because the individuals whom are wearing them are innovators, thinkers, trend setters. Don’t hate them because they are geeks, embrace them for their forward thinking.

Facebook rules (for the moment). Facebook is the only company right now who are killing it with their Mobile advertising. An unprecedented Mobile ad revenue has propelled the stick back to it’s initial IPO. We will have to see how their ad momentum will affect their user base. Frankly I am already getting a little tired of their ads on my page. Of course, they have 2 aces in their pocket. For one they could create a monthly subscription model and issue FB Credits. Facebook credits could propel them to be the biggest online bank in the world.

The visual web is emerging. More and more people are using photo sharing apps like Instagram and video is finally destined to take of. Companies like Givit and Lightt will shape the visual net.

This is a great opportunity for Entrepreneurs, Thinkers, Geeks – Embrace the future of Mobile and Wearables, as they are shaping the future.



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