Mobile Beat 2013

Edwin Lap

posted by Edwin Lap 1616 days ago.

Mobile Beat is one of my favorite conferences. Two full days of Mobile technology, innovation and amazing advancements on the mobile front.

Let’s start with the venue in San Francisco at the Sheraton Palace.  A beautiful setting which in essence is a stark contrast between old architecture and preserved history and cutting edge technology, filled with geeks, strategists, innovators, investors and amazing minds.

Google GlassGoogle Glasses

Yes Google glasses was represented by quite a few people – they still look somewhat silly to me. I tried on a pair and it was fascinating, but I think we are still years from adopting this wearable technology. People+ was one of the presenters for the early stages new innovation award. They presented an amazing “proof of concept” video, but I do not think it’s public yet. I will post it for sure once I find it.

Wearable ComputingWearable Technology

The other big buzz was wearable technology and Samsung took full advantage of this during a couple of keynotes and round table discussions. They kept bashing apple not having developed the i-watch yet, but we all know it’s coming to an apple store near you very soon.

lighttLightt App

Another finalist for the Innovation showdown was Lightt . A video recording and editing app that lets you record, edit and publish your daily activities and in essence create a daily life stream, all stored in the cloud. A gorgeous website with innovative technology, intuitive and simple UI within the app. Just like on of the judges mentioned “This is one of the most elegant and beautiful designed apps in a long time”. I love it!

mobile-app-vs-mobile-webNative App vs. Mobile Web

This is going to be an on going discussion for a very long time. The app advocates say that native apps are the way to go, the mobile web innovators say that using a mobile web strategy is easier to implement. In a nutshell, it simply comes to what your customer needs are. Know your customer, Know their needs and build a strategy around this.


agency trendsBrands and Agencies – The Mobile Gap

This was by far my favorite round table discussion, largely because we went through this a few years ago when traditional ad agencies did not get digital. We now are in the beginning stages of a full blown mobile revolution and agencies, as well as brands need to understand that Banners ads on mobile devices don’t cut it anymore. It seems a lot of agencies either are not embracing this new emerging technology or simply don’t get it.

Bonin Bough, VP Global Media & Consumer Engagement, Mondelēz International said it best: “What’s the point of big brands spending millions of dollars on a mobile strategy, when an agency cannot deliver”. An example was the Oreo strategy. Bonin looked for a specialized gaming company whom understood how to build a clever and fun app, but not risking the brand’s reputation – and they did it at a fraction of the normal agency cost. Hopefully they will publish this on vemeo soon.

All in all a great conference and I am looking forward to Mobile Beat 2014. Oh and one more thing. If you do go to San Francisco, make sure you try Kokari – it’s awesome.

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