How NOT To Start Mobile Advertising

Jerry Gertes

posted by Jerry Gertes 1613 days ago.

As I was browsing the mobile web looking for new advertising opportunities and scouting the competition, I couldn’t help notice how so many companies could use a good bit of help optimizing their mobile advertising.

After just 5 minutes or so browsing mobile websites, it became even more clear to me that:

  1. In-house teams at fault:  Companies don’t fully understand how to advertise properly on mobile.
  2. Agency of record at fault:  Companies hire agencies that don’t know how to advertise properly on mobile.
  3. Made for desktop:  Many campaigns appear to be haphazardly cloned over from desktop.  Advertisers are not fully thinking through the path from click to conversion on mobile web and how it differs from the desktop experience.
  4. Laziness:  If it is not the absence of mobile know-how, then it was laziness or neglect for the campaigns lackluster.

If the top end of their funnel was broken, I wonder what the rest of the conversion sequence looked like.

Did I mention the lack of frequency capping?  I must have seen the same ads over 10 times across multiple pages.

The takeaway here from the following screen shots:  If you are going to advertise on mobile, at the very least send your clicks to a mobile optimized page to keep your visitors moving through your funnel.  Send them to your site meant for viewing on a desktop or serve them a form 20 fields long and you can say goodbye to that visitor as well as your ad spend.


Mobile Ad 1

Mobile Ad 1 Destination















Mobile Ad 2

Mobile Ad 2 Destination
















Mobile Ad 3

Mobile Ad 3 Destination
















Mobile Ad 4  Mobile Ad 4 Destination















Mobile Ad 5  Mobile Ad 5 Destination














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