Has Mobile E-commerce Reached a Tipping Point?

Edwin Lap

posted by Edwin Lap 1624 days ago.

For years, technology experts have watched the growing importance of mobile computing and wondered when, finally, mobile e-commerce would reach a “tipping point” that would result in large percentages of customers buying products from mobile e-commerce sites.

It was always a difficult question to assess, if only because there are so many different factors involved. For one, mobile usage as a whole had to catch up with the technology – something that happened late in 2010, when iPhones and Droids started flying off the shelves to the tune of millions per month. Then, data plans had to catch up, followed by online stores,who had to launch and update their mobile e-commerce websites. And finally, mobile e-commerce development and security had to become reliable enough that most people felt comfortable making a purchase from a smart phone or tablet.

Amidst all the discussions and projections, however, a funny thing happened: Mobile e-commerce hit a critical mass and sales started accelerating to the point where mobile purchases and payments accounted for roughly 10% of holiday-season purchases… and seemed to keep climbing.

f In other words, mobile e-commerce truly has hit a tipping point, and it’s likely to be an important – if not the most important – factor to your online store’s success going forward. Here are a few tips to help you take advantage

Follow the golden rule of mobile e-commerce.

Everything on your mobile e-commerce site should be available in three clicks or less. Anything more than that, and your site isn’t just too complicated, but will likely cost you new sales because of poor usability.

Utilize simple designs, small photos, and brief product descriptions.

It almost goes without saying that no one wants to read long blocks of text, or scroll through big photos, on a smart phone screen. Remember your audience, and optimize your marketing messages and product descriptions for the space.

Test everything thoroughly.

The quickest way to render your mobile e-commerce site unprofitable is to have it not work correctly… or only work correctly for some segment of your market. By testing your site thoroughly, and across several browsers and smart phone platforms, you ensure you won’t have any painful hiccups later. Tie in mobile apps and social links. We’ve written in the past about the many ways that mobile websites, social media, and apps all tie together. Why not put their combined power to work in your mobile online store?

Any time that technology like e-commerce changes, there are going to be winners and losers. Is your online store ready for mobile e-commerce and the next generation of Internet retailing?

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