Christmas In August? Prepare Your Holiday Mobile Campaign Strategy Now.

Jerry Gertes

posted by Jerry Gertes 861 days ago.

mobile holidayI just got finished with some Q4 planning for a few of my mobile affiliate marketing campaigns. The holiday season is fast approaching and it’s the time of year in which advertisers are scrambling to secure placements and burn through the remainder of their budgets.  I’m no exception to the season, as Q4 rolls around I’ll be fighting for my share as well.  Over the last few months, I’ve been creating new copy for drip sequences, split testing subject lines and body text to ensure my backend funnels of my lead gen efforts are optimized for conversions.

Of the many factors that go into being a strong mailer is making sure to write, design and prepare for the mobile subscriber.  Prep your marketing creative and content for the mobile user and you put yourself in a better position to engage more of your audience and convert them into revenue.


mobile strategist email

Above is a screenshot of a recent broadcast that I sent out to a small portion of my gmail subscribers.  (Hint for all you new emailers: segment your lists by ESP, not all of them inbox the same).  You can see that opens on mobile trump opens on desktop.

Leave mobile out of the equation, and you leave thousands of dollars on the table.

Here’s some quick food for thought…

mobile email statsA consumer survey by email campaign solution provider Campaigner revealed that over 37% of consumers were neither strongly against or receptive to mobile marketing emails that were sent to them.

Roughly 6% of survey participants said they purchased something directly from their mobile after having received a promotional email.

Overall, only about 14% of participants used mobile marketing emails to get discounts and find deals.

With over 70% of all email being opened on mobile devices (source: nielsen) these days, why are the numbers so low?  If mobile commerce has taken off the way the industry reports it has, then why don’t surveys like these show more positive numbers?

Two glaring reasons come to mind – Poor mobile design and poor email sequencing.  There’s still a lot of work that brands and companies alike need to do to optimize their customer’s mobile experiences.  If emails can’t easily be read or their layouts don’t condone user interaction in a multi-screen environment, you’ll be hard pressed to get the interaction you’re after.

I will say this again as I almost always will shoot the reminder out there in other posts about mobile strategy:  you must consider mobile in all of your marketing initiatives.

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